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WorshipMob’s Wrecked Available Worldwide

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“Wrecked” is a collection of worship covers, originals, spontaneous moments, and spoken word recorded live at WorshipMob. These tracks feature guest artists, songwriters, and musicians from all over the USA, as well as the WorshipMob team. These moments express the feeling of being ‘wrecked’ or ‘overcome’ by God. When we truly consider and meditate on God’s love for us, it’s a mind-blowing concept. We can’t help but be overwhelmed with emotion at the thought of what He has done for us, both individually and corporately. We can’t comprehend it. We can’t explain it. Oh, hearts are wrecked by His love. This Spirit-led, full-length live recording features popular favorites “Reckless Love”, “Great Are You Lord”, and “Jesus We Love You” and WorshipMob’s latest original and the title track, “Wrecked”.

About WorshipMob
Founded by Colorado Springs worship leader Sean Mulholland in 2011, WorshipMob began as a weekly gathering between a few local worship teams. Today, WorshipMob represents a much larger group of ministry leaders, worshipers, prayer warriors, and God-seekers who meet weekly to pray, encourage one another, and worship Jesus in spirit and truth.

WorshipMob’s core mission is to cultivate a family where people from all different cultures and musical genres can worship together – preferring one another, in love and unity.

WorshipMob believes that worship is not about singing the right words or playing the right chords, it’s an intimate encounter with a deeply loving God who is excited to be our Father! Understanding our identity in Christ and surrendering our ideas for what that should look like is foundational to releasing true joy and peace in God through worship.

Capturing both scripted and unscripted moments of heartfelt worship, WorshipMob shares their video recordings on YouTube to a global audience of millions. WorshipMob shares extended uncut spontaneous worship sessions, as well as covers of songs from Bethel Music, All Sons & Daughters, Hillsong, and more. Many aspects of the WorshipMob model are spreading, with unique “worship mobs” gathering weekly for extended times of unified worship, in cities across the US, Australia, Africa, and the Philippines.

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