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We license songs and lyrics for all types of physical and digital print uses. Examples include songbooks, sheet music, digital sheet music, and apparel. Our current rates for standard uses are provided below. Please contact us for other similar uses.

– Downloadable chord charts cost $0.20 per song, per copy.

– Individual song reprints cost $1.00 per copy, per song.

– Individual lyric reprints in a book or other similar publication cost $40.00 per song.

– Lyric reprint costs $0.06 per unit (CD liner notes or any other publication), and $5.00 per unit (merchandise).

– Songbooks cost the rate of 12.5% of the retail price of the book, divided by the number of copyrighted songs in the book. For example, if the retail price of the book was $10.00 and contained 10 songs, the print royalty rate would be $0.125 per song, per copy.

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