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Missing Royalties

Watershed Music Group strives to deliver the highest level of client service, and we want our royalty recipients to enjoy the most efficient, easiest experience possible.

If your copyrights are managed by Watershed Music Publishing or Watershed Label Services, and if you do not already have an online account, then please sign up now! Our online portal is the place to access your royalty statements. To sign up, please register your account.

In order to provide you with the best experience possible, royalty participants should start by ensuring we have your current contact information and advise us of a forwarding address in the event you have relocated.

Vendor Preferences

Please choose from the following to update your contact information, account details, or preferred method of payment:

> Complete a W-9 Form (user must complete, download and email the W-9 form directly to info[at]watershedmusicgroup.com)

> Update info or opt-in to receive payment via paper check (Worldwide)

> Update info or opt-in to receive payment via direct deposit / ACH (U.S. accounts only)

> Update info or opt-in to receive payment via wire transfer (If located outside of North America)

Change of Address

In accordance with U.S. tax law, Watershed Music Group is required to obtain the proper taxpayer identification form from its clients. Please note that the tax form that you provide to us is required for payment and will reflect where your royalty payments and statements are sent, if applicable.

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