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Rend The Heavens – Rick Pino

February 24, 2017

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The Austin, TX-based worship pioneer Rick Pino’s eighth release “Rend The Heavens” offers the listener a live worship experience that will leave them wanting more. Captured live on the road, this full-length LP offers joyful expressions of praise as found on the opening track, “Lift Up Your Hands”, as well as deeply spiritual spontaneous moments like the title tack, “Rend The Heavens”. Whether it’s the ethereal sounds of “Your Face Is Like The Sun” or the power ballad that is “Deliverer”, the rich and unique tone of Pino’s vocals are always leading the charge.

Rick states, “Since the time I was about five years old, I have felt the hand of God on my life in a unique and powerful way. I always had a sense of destiny and felt a strong calling, but I never had language or real direction. These past ten years, I have discovered that I was born to lead the nations in worship to our God. Along with the help from my amazing wife and family of wild worshiping brothers, we present this recording to you as a glimpse into what we try to live, and what we have dedicated the rest of our lives to. I hope you enjoy this project! Thanks for all of the love and support! The Lamb is worthy to receive His reward!”

The album is available worldwide and can be downloaded or streamed on all of your favorite streaming platforms.

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