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Nikki Moltz Releases New Song “Courageous”

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“Simple in truth, Courageous is a reminder that the love of God gives us the strength to endure even in the face of fear and uncertainty. The bridge illustrates the idea of Romans 8, as “the Spirit intercedes for us through wordless groans”, representing the intercession of the holy spirit on our behalf when do not know what to say. Cathartic and hopeful, Courageous serves as a declaration to build the faith of God’s people.”

About Nikki Moltz
Nikki Moltz is a worship leader and songwriter based out of Dallas, TX. Her music crosses stylistic boundaries and aims to reach all audiences for the Kingdom of God. Alongside her husband and producer, Tanner Moltz, they utilize a broad influence of styles and inspirations to create a sound unique to them.

“I want to bridge the gap between ‘artist’ and ‘worship leader’ in order to reach unchurched audiences with a message that contains hope and love”

With an entire album worth of content, Nikki will be releasing new music throughout the year. 2020 will be an exciting season of creativity and production.

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