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Jeremy Riddle’s “Holy Ground” Now Available

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Jeremy Riddle releases “Holy Ground (Live Around the World)” worldwide. The release includes many favorites, spontaneous moments, and a new original, “Know (Be Still)” which is birthed from the important reminder to “Be still and know that I am God” (Psalm 46:10).

“The DAY HAS COME!! This record is OUT. May it hit the mark it was intended to and lead you into the glorious presence of Jesus and the all-consuming adoration of heaven’s host. We attempted to capture these moments of worship all over the world because the sound of praise that’s rising in the nations is breathtaking. Our God is awakening, purifying, uniting, and beautifying His Bride. Her glory song is rising in the earth and oh how I BURN for it to light up the GLOBE with ever-increasing faith, purity, and power. This project is RAW. It was made by family and in family, and every business decision was made to bring as much glory and honor to Jesus as the songs themselves. All profit from this record goes straight back to www.whole-heart-ed.com and to seeing the next generation rise and carry the zeal of the Lord and the fire of His praise to the ends of the earth. My dear brother @matmainhard … THANK YOU for bringing this to bear… you mix connected to heaven and this project wouldn’t exist without you. Your deep commitment to anointing and excellence is the most unique thing. Love you. My beloved team and global family of Levites tagged in this post: your gifts, your sacrifice, your stewardship and the worship of your instruments move me to no end and this record carries the fragrance of your life. My fiery sisters and fellow soldiers in Jesus @priscillaalcantara @steffanydawn @elyssasm, your lives of worship are so precious to me and I’m overjoyed they’re represented here. @cristianorede I don’t deserve you. But thank you. 🙂 Lastly and most importantly, thank you to my beautiful wife @katie.a.riddle whose stunning stature in God and purity of devotion is the only reason I’m still here and able to run the race before me, and to my 5 beautiful children who have equally sacrificed to empower me in my calling. This is YOUR inheritance. May the Lamb that was slain receive the reward of His suffering! AMEN.”

Holy Ground (Live Around the World) Track Listing:
1. Holy Ground / Spontaneous (Live in Paris)
2. Love on Fire (Live in Buenos Aires, Argentina)
3. You Deserve It All (Live in Anaheim, California)
4. Way Maker (Live at The Send, Brazil) [feat. Priscilla Alcantara]
5. Unto the Lamb Moment (Live at David’s Tent, England) [feat. Elyssa Smith]
6. Know (Be Still) [Live in Anaheim, California]
7. Tremble (Live in Vienna, Austria)
8. Freedom Moment / Surrounded (Fight My Battles) [Live in Brazil] [feat. Priscilla Alcantara]
9. Walk in The Promise / Spontaneous (Live at David’s Tent, England)
10. Let It Rain (Live at The Send, Orlando) [feat. Steffany Gretzinger]
11. O Come Let Us Adore Moment (Live at David’s Tent, England)

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About Jeremy Riddle
Jeremy Riddle is a worship leader and songwriter. He carries a deep passion for God’s presence, and his worship leading stirs hunger, freedom, and adoration towards the Lord.

Jeremy has been an integral writer on many Bethel Music albums on songs such as “This Is Amazing Grace”, “Breaking Through”, “Be Enthroned”, “Fall Afresh”, “Furious”, “God of the Redeemed”, “To Our God”, and “Love Came Down”.

Originally from New Jersey, Jeremy attended the Anaheim Vineyard in southern California throughout his teen years and later became a youth pastor and worship leader there. It was during his six years in these roles that his musical career as a songwriter developed. Jeremy released his first full-length album, Full Attention, in 2007 which includes the well-known song, “Sweetly Broken”. In 2011 he releases his sophomore album, Furious.

In 2009 Jeremy and his family moved to Redding, California to attend Bethel Church, and was part of the Bethel Music Collective for many years.

Jeremy prioritizes time with his wonderful family. He and his wife Katie have five children; Rebekah, Levi, Faith, Claire, and Joseph. Jeremy finds inspiration through spending time in creation; whether retreating in his own backyard or adventuring to beautiful destinations. He continues to travel ministering regionally and internationally.

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