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Together: Jaye Thomas & Chris Tofilon

Jaye Thomas & Chris Tofilon

A word from Jaye Thomas & Chris Tofilon about the new album:

“Together: LIVE Worship from JTL Studios” is our first joint project together. In the works for nearly 6 years, this album is comprised of songs written over many years spent in the place of worship and prayer at IHOPKC.

Though tedious and at times tiring, there is nothing that is more rewarding than singing spontaneous love songs to Jesus from the place of prayer. Many of these songs were birthed that way. So as a result, we wanted the album to reflect the place from which they were born.

The songs were recorded LIVE, with no auto-tune, no overdubs and all together. What you see and hear is actually what happened in the studio. We didn’t want this to be an album that plays mindlessly in the background of its listener’s lives.

We wanted this to be an album of encounter: an experience with the Lord where Jesus is exalted and our hearts are met with his in that place of beauty.”



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