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What is Watershed Music Publishing?

Watershed Music Publishing is a division of Watershed Music Group, providing publishing rights management – stewarding the administration, licensing, translations, royalty collection, and payment on behalf of our songwriter and catalog administration clients. https://watershedmusicpublishing.com/

What is Watershed Label Services?

Watershed Label Services is a division of Watershed Music Group, providing product and royalty administration on behalf of our artist and label administration clients. https://watershedmusicgroup.com/label-services/

What is Worship Coach?

Founded by Rick Pino, Worship Coach is a one of a kind mentorship platform that will help maximize your growth and potential as a powerful and confident worshipper. Receive 24/7 access to hundreds of online lessons with new classes and content being uploaded every month. https://worshipcoach.co

What is TRIBL?

Founded by Mary Sirois and Tony Brown, TRIBL is the app for curated live worship and a deeply connected community of worshipers. We are a fire to gather around; an aggregator of unscripted, live, moment-driven worship; a champion for the songs, artists, and communities creating waves in the indie worship movement. Our mission is to be the home for live, moment-driven songs facilitating impactful connection with God, together. Our priority is to find, create, and distribute content that is vulnerable, honest, unfiltered, and transformative. https://tribl.com/

How do I find a song?

The easiest way to find a song is via Song Finder. This allows you to search our catalog by title, author, publisher, lyric or CCLI song number.

How do I request a music license?

All music license requests are facilitated via Watershed Music Publishing. Click here to search our catalog and submit a license request.

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