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How do I find a song?

The easiest way to find a song is via Song Finder. This allows you to search our catalog by title, author, publisher, lyric or CCLI song number.

What is ‘Licensing’ for?

Licensing allows users to properly request permission to use a song, request or submit a translation, and to learn more about our license rates and descriptions.

What does ‘Song Details’ tell us?

The Song Details portion of each song page provides three pieces of information: i) the unique song identification number assigned by Watershed Music Publishing; ii) the unique song identification number assigned by CCLI; iii) the percentage of ownership controlled and represented by Watershed Music Publishing.

What does ‘Publishing’ tell us?

The Publishing section provides four pieces of ownership information: i) the registered name of each respective publisher; ii) whether or not Watershed Music Publishing represents the publisher(s) of the work; iii) the percentage controlled and represented by each publisher; iv) Watershed Music Publishing’s portion of the Label Copy (the “publishing credits”).

What are ‘Resources’ for?

Resources provide links to available song assets, encouraging users to engage and interact with the song. Assets may include: i) official song chord chart; ii) official stem tracks via MultiTracks; iii) song resource page available to churches via CCLI Song Select; iv) song video (audio and/or visual) on YouTube.

Why can I not listen to the song?

If you do not see a Spotify music player, the song is either not recorded or not available on Spotify. However, you are welcome to contact us to verify whether or not the song has been recorded.

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