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Timothy Palmer

Abilene, TX

Timothy Palmer

Timothy Palmer is a singer/songwriter who currently lives in Abilene, TX. drawing from his early experiences as the son of missionaries in the West Bank and on the island of Cyprus, Palmer’s songs echo a sense of displacement and wandering.

He released his first studio album in 2012. Recorded over a three-year period, in the back of tanning salons and a friend’s living room, The Breeze emerged as a collection of songs charting the difficulty of creation.

In 2014, Palmer went back into the studio to create The Half­Boy, the album D. Grant Smith, host of The Appetizer Radio Program, calls “a fantastic emblem of hope for emerging musicians and lovers of powerfully engaging audio.” For this project, Palmer teamed up with the members of The Digital Age, who produced and recorded the EP in their Waco studio, marking a sharp departure from Palmer’s early DIY approach to the recording process. These songs are the songs of pilgrimage, longing, and, ultimately, redemption.

About the project, Palmer writes, “Everyone has experienced feelings of isolation and loneliness, heartbreak and disappointment, and these songs were birthed out of my own journey toward a sense of wholeness. As the record began to take shape, we wanted every detail of this album to move people toward themselves and toward one another and toward the Love that binds us all together. The heart of the album is really summed up in the final refrain of the last track, ‘Welcome home. All is forgiven. All is well.’”

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