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People & Songs

People & Songs is a community of believers that exists beyond the bounds of music. We do write songs, lead worship, and travel, both independently and together as a team. Our hearts have been forever sealed in Christ and we serve Him by serving His Bride. It’s our sincere joy to visit the houses of the Lord both small and large and worship with His saints!

We love people. Our community is made up of local Church songwriters, artists, and worship leaders. According to Eph 5:21 we submit our individual stylistic bents and denominational preferences to allow our talent and creativity to become the tools with which we love and unite as one. Our prayer is that we would use our gifts to applaud and serve others rather than seeking applause and service from others.

God has put the desire for biblical unity in us, and a longing to see the Church become one in faith, in hope, and in one calling. Each of us are: i) Representatives of varying denominations called to walk together and demonstrate healthy unity in Christ (1 Cor 12, Eph 3); ii) Differing in stylistic expressions of worship but together seeking to serve the Church generationally, denominationally, and culturally. (John 13:34,17); iii) Leaders called to strengthen and train leaders, who in turn, use what they’ve gained to strengthen and train other leaders (Mt 28:18-20); iv) In agreement on basic tenets of the faith (see “WE BELIEVE” below). We will have differences, but unless those differences give us biblical direction to divide, we will walk in unity (Heb 6:1-3).

Founder, Jennie Lee Riddle (www.jennieriddle.com), mom of 4 grown children and wife of 29 yrs., has authored several Church favorites that notably include, “Revelation Song” (made popular by Kari Jobe) and “When The Stars Burn Down” (made popular by Phillips, Craig and Dean).

People & Songs currently has multiple releases available on iTunes, Amazon, and Spotify; a camp we run to raise up the next generation of Jesus-loving songwriters (www.theemergingsound.com) and a year-long missionary training program (https://www.peopleandsongs.com/internship/) for those who are serious about giving up their lives for the Gospel.

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