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Laura Hackett Park

Kansas City, MO

Laura Hackett Park

Making music all of her life, from the songs she delivered from her crib as a two-year-old to her first attempts at real songwriting at the tender age of eight, Laura soon discovered meeting the Lord in music by playing simple chords and singing the words of the Bible. When she was fourteen, her parents joined the staff of the then-new International House of Prayer of Kansas City, where she serves today as a worship leader and prolific songwriter, now engaged to fellow worship leader and Forerunner Music artist Jonas Park.

Laura studied music theory in college and remains fascinated by the constructs of the medium. Her motivation for music and songwriting comes from a desire to draw people back to God. “I think about the fact that God gave us this amazing tool to authentically express our being. We can express our thoughts, our emotions in a way that transcends culture and language.”

Laura’s songs and vocals have been featured on numerous Forerunner Music compilations and Onething Live albums. Her self-titled debut solo album, Laura Hackett, released in the fall of 2009, followed by her two singles, I Put On Christ (The Battle Is Raging), and You Satisfy My Soul, which gained recognition through IHOPKC’s Onething young adult conferences.

Love Will Have Its Day is Laura’s second full-length album with Forerunner Music, and it finds her exploring a much broader creative range than ever before, aided by legendary multi-Grammy-Award-winning producer Brown Bannister. “I love all styles of music,” says Laura, “but for a long time I tried to shut that down because I was trying to be separate from the world, and be consecrated to the Lord. I feel like in this season particularly I’m falling in love with music again and I’m treating it like the gift from God that it is. That affects my writing, because I genuinely enjoy writing in different styles.”

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