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Billy Ballenger

Fort Wayne, IN

Ballenger - Watershed Music Group

Billy Ballenger

Singer-songwriter Billy Ballenger, found his passion for music as a young boy growing up in Central Indiana. It was there he remembers playing old records while he slept in order to memorize the lyrics and learn to sing them on his own. As a troubled child, Billy was bullied and became a bully himself. As a troubled teenager, he began to struggle with life, school, and family, which ultimately led to juvenile incarceration.

Billy quickly found himself as a young married father who was abusing substances and partying. A lifestyle of local burglaries and violence prompted a SWAT team to raid his home and arrest both Billy and his wife, Jodie. Their 9-month old daughter was taken from them and they were each sentenced to six years of imprisonment in the Indiana Department of Corrections. It was at his lowest point that Billy found hope and made a decision to follow Jesus Christ.

Having been exposed to the message of Jesus Christ as a child he began taking steps to turn his life around. He started to study the Bible and attend prison Bible studies. Billy’s life underwent a radical change and both Billy and his wife were miraculously released from prison one year early, receiving full custody of their daughter. Returning to his childhood passion of music, he began pursuing his dreams of becoming a performer.

After years of hard work, Billy’s efforts led to a professional career, highlighted by performances in China, Russia, the United States, Canada, and international television. Today Billy has a new album on the way with select show dates and music available on iTunes and on their site.

With songs that touch the heart, a passion for worship, combined with his God-given ability to captivate an audience, Billy and his band, BALLENGER, have impacted thousands of lives.

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