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2016 Publishing Recap

January 19, 2017

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A lot can happen in the course of 365 days, and 2016 was one of those years. For starters, Watershed formally launched its publishing division, and was warmly welcomed into the CMPA. The best part of the business is the relationships built. An important key to songs spreading is camaraderie, which most naturally happens within the confines of relationships. Subsequently, Watershed executed hundreds of music licenses for placement. Song usages included those from film-makers, churches, independent recording artists, and major record labels.

Serving the industry since 2011, Watershed Music Publishing is the division of Watershed Music Group that provides publishing rights management – stewarding the administration, licensing, translations, royalty collection, and payment on behalf of our songwriters and catalog administration clients. Listen and enjoy a brief recap on Spotify below.

Angels (Singing Gloria) by Matt Redman – These Christmas Lights (sixstepsrecords / Sparrow Records)
Represented Client: Jason Upton

Draw Near by Onething Live – Love Makes Us Strong (Forerunner Music)
Represented Client: Tyler Richardson

Freight Train by Lindy Conant – Every Nation
Represented Client: Bryce Anderson

O Mighty Ones by Ramp Worship – The River Is Rising
Represented Client: Furnace Music

I Am Not Alone, Only Your Love by Kari Jobe – Majestic (Revisited) (Sparrow Records)
Represented Client: Benjamin Davis, Amy Davis, Austin Davis, Dustin Sauder

Your Love Is Alive, Seek First by Housefires – Housefires III
Represented Client: Jason Upton, Ben Smith (Bread & Wine)

Know Me Well by Castro – Diamond Dreams (Fervent Records)
Represented Client: Stephen Blake Kanicka

Our Refuge by 10,000 Fathers – Adventure, Vol. 1
Represented Client: StarRockMusic

Give Us More by John and Joslyn Brockman – Carry The Torch
Represented Client: Tyler Richardson

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